The In-House Crazies

Team Image
Lots of people know what we do and how we do it. Here’s a look at the people who sit around a conference room shouting ideas at each other to make it happen!

Safdhar Adoor
‘Boss Man’ is an apt enough description, don’t you think? This is where the ideas come from. With a ton of experience and a social/professional circle that is basically the entire city of  Bangalore; he’s the one who finds work that suits the team‘s skill set so that the output is at its most effective. His inability to use any form of technology is funny as hell though & as Ojal so rightly says “He thinks he’s Iron Man”. But Hey! Iron Man is nothing without his Avengers right?

Sharath Rice
One of the most popular figures in the city, Sharath is known for his quick thinking, generosity & friendship. If anybody reaches a roadblock in their work, he’s the go-to man! Not one to give up on a good meal, Sharath is also responsible for everyone’s weight gain in the office!

Dawn Thomas
If Jigar is the self-proclaimed ladies man, Dawn is the mentor in the field! A little energiser bunny, he’s always bustling with energy & is always upto something. He’s always pushing the team to achieve more. Distractions include Naidu’s mess & pretty girls.

Ojal Kulkarni
The only girl on the team at this moment, Ojal handles everything in the department of Business Development. Whether it’s existing venues or closing deals with new ones, she is focused and on point when it comes to work. Distractions include Shahrukh Khan, Snapchat and cupcakes. ‘Will work for food’ is no joke when it comes to her! Oh and also, if you catch her in a good mood, you just might need some earplugs!

Neil Unadkat
Operating from Pune, Neil is the guy who’s designed our App & makes all decisions tech-wise. Very patient & helpful, he has an opinion about only important issues but when he does speak, the entire team sits up & listens. Neil also has the habit of making the simplest things complicated because of his tech- babble, which confuses the hell out of the rest of the team!

Jigar Mehta
Our Operations in charge. Anytime you face an issue with availing a SteppinOut offer anywhere, this is the person who gets a headache. A self-proclaimed ladies man (We’re not sure that we agree), a growing DJ & unfortunately for the office lunch plans also a vegetarian. His skill at maintaining a top-notch personal relationship with our clients is impressive to say the least. Plus what better than to have a marwadi handling our cheques!

Sushen Kakkar
Our Marketing Executive or more literally our ‘coordinate creatives and artwork’ executive. He handles everything that goes up on any of our channels. Stresses a tad too much if you ask his colleagues and smokes too much if you ask him. Distractions include fantasy football and arguing about why he wants a bean bag instead of a desk and oh, he takes 9-6 very seriously. Good luck getting any work done post that.

Abdul Rahman Rozan
Our android developer, HTML coder and in-house whiz when it comes to anything tech. The only time you will hear him speak is on smoke breaks. He’s plugged in through the day and literally speaks to the team only when he wants something looked at or something approved. He’s also possibly the only person who finishes work prior to deadlines.

Arjun Bir Singh
The second half of our kickass Business Dev team. This guy knows everyone, and we mean everyone. He is an absolute boss at using his network and charm to get things done! Distractions include any new technology that he hears of because he must, immediately and at all costs, have it. Any embarrassing pictures of the office on social media is because of him. The speed at which he Snapchats is ludicrous!

Chethan Hiremath
Our ‘marketing advisor’, as he likes to call himself, Chethan operates in only two ways – he’s either brimming with kickass ideas & making game-changing suggestions or he’s completely switched off & disappears. There is no in-between with him.

That’s all, folks! 🙂


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