No More Hangovers!

Ever complained about the fact that your hangovers at 25 are monumentally worse than the ones you had when you were 18? I sure as hell do. I remember waking up with a bounce to my step, ready to go irrespective of the fact that I had consumed copious amounts of alcohol the previous night. Now? Well, that’s a whole different story. Hangovers now are like a death sentence. You’d do anything you possibly could to avoid them. It doesn’t just ruin your morning, it ruins your next two days


Why am I telling you these things that most people my age already know? Well it’s because there just might be a solution. A solution to your headache-ridden, cotton-mouthed, muscle ache filled mornings. That solution is a little good looking bottle called Morning Fresh. To explain what this really does and how it helps, let me give you some perspective :

Here’s a typical week:

Monday – Go home -> Complain about work -> Say screw this & go out for a beer

Tuesday – Sit at home contemplating life because you know that Wednesday night is mid-week drinking night

Wednesday – Mid week beers for the guys & ladies night for the ladies (Free drinks all night is a very unfair thing)

Thursday – Plan the weekend/somebody’s birthday/work colleagues drinking night

Friday, Saturday – Blur, blur & more blur

Sunday – Brunch (Nothing left to say here)

Now that is a lot of alcohol on a weekly basis. Something that can leave you feeling drained, exhausted and cranky at the end of each night. Oh and remember this, unless you are one of the lucky peeps that are courting unemployment, you do probably have a Monday morning meeting to go to.

I get it, we like to drink. We like to be out and socializing. So how do we continue to live the lifestyle that we crave and yet not let if affect our body, work or general temperament?

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you it was as simple as a 60 ml nightcap of Morning Fresh, would you? I understand the skepticism. There have been plenty of so called Hangover remedies over the years – pills, home cures, juices;  all of which kind of, somewhat don’t work. And honestly, would you roll out of bed hungover as all hell to make a home-made concoction? Calling in sick and sleeping the whole day is the more likely course of action.

Let’s switch up to a little technical mumbo jumbo : How does this little potion do what it does?

Morning Fresh is completely natural and contains Vitamin C, Silk Protein and Mulberry Extract. It also contains zero carbohydrates and fats. The amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants present in Morning Fresh supports protection of liver and help maintain liver health. Yes I know this sounds like the back of a medicine packet kind of information but believe me (Excessive first hand usage experience here) THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS!

One full bottle which is 60 ml ( Smaller than most of your drinks) at the end of your night as your last drink & you can wake up clear headed, fresh and not cranky. Let’s be very clear here: This is not an instant sobriety cure. You cant just take this and be like “Yo Guys! Im sober now, let me drive” Please just sit in the back seat of a cab and let it take you home. Neither does it make you any less loud or unbalanced on alcohol. Your nights are just the same, it’s just the morning and the hangovers that are affected.


No amount of me telling you will make you believe in Morning Fresh. Try it once & you just might be writing something like this to your friends & family! For all the gamers out there, this is like a health potion – one little bottle and you’re back up to a 100 percent the next morning!

With 3 flavors and priced at just Rs.100 a bottle, what in the world are you waiting for? Morning Fresh is available at Hangover & Red Fork in Indiranagar and at Dewar Wines on St Marks Road. You could also buy it from their website and they’ll deliver it to you or order online from Amazon!


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