SteppinOut Movie Nights – Five Things To Look Forward To

We’re about a week away from the first ever SteppinOut Movie Night and boy oh boy are we excited! A completely random idea that to be honest, we thought would never ever even be practical to attempt to pull off.

So what is the concept behind the SteppinOut Movie Night, you ask?

Everybody has movie nights at home with their friends and/or family atleast once a week, don’t they? There’s just something about the experience of sharing a visual story that is relaxing. Movies are part of our pop culture – We quote them, we follow them, they make us laugh, they make us believe in heroes, they make us cower under the sheets with fear (Conjuring 2, Holy f@%ck) and they help us look at the world from a very different perspective.  It is also the only thing that bridges the generation gap with my parents.

Coming up with this idea wasn’t the hardest task. Take a look at what lunch breaks in the office look like (Fast and The Furious Marathon Anyone?)



We decided that we would at least take a crack at pulling off a concept that’s insanely popular abroad – An Outdoor Movie Screening. We got in touch with the brilliant people over at OLA as well as The JW Marriott and turns out movies are one of the few things that appeal to EVERYBODY. So here we are – The first ever SteppinOut Movie Nights is on the 19th of June at The JW Marriott on Vittal Mallya Road.

Five Things to Look Forward To:

1) 90s Kids Heaven:

We will be screening two absolute favorites for all 90’s kids – The Lion King & Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. Heavy nostalgia feels on the way guys! These stories have imprinted themselves into our memories.


90s kids be like – ‘Did you say Lion King & Harry Potter?’

2) Better Than Theater Prices:

With all sorts of delicious food being served below Rs. 200/-, the JW Marriott has become the place to be this Sunday even for foodies!

giphy (1)


3) The Ola Prime Lounge:

Come in an Ola Prime, flash your invoice & get direct admission into our exclusive Ola Prime Lounge! With personal attention form stewards & extra comfortable seating, everybody is going to have their eyes on the lounge!

giphy (2)

Got an Ola Prime & got treated #LikeABoss

4) Games for All:

Not a movie fan? No problem! We’ll be handing out UNO packs, monopoly cards & we’ve also got life-size Jenga for you to play!

giphy (3)

EVERYBODY is going to have a good time!

5) Movie Under The Stars:

It’s simple really – This will be Bangalore’s FIRST outdoor movie screening complete with –  A MASSIVE Screen, delicious food, a fully stocked bar and some bean bags to cozy up to. All of this in the heart of the city coupled with this absolutely gorgeous weather! Bring your blankets & get cosy!

giphy (4)

Need we say more?

A big shoutout to Ola Prime & Kingfisher Packaged Drinking Water for making this happen! 

#LetsKeepItSimple. See you on Sunday!


Movie Screening for Educational Purposes only

Alcohol will be served only to patrons above the legal age limit




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