SteppinOut Movie Nights – Hyderabad Edition

hyderabad-coverq-1It’s funny how sometimes one random thought, an impulse that pops into your head takes you so far. Here we are sitting on the cusp of taking The SteppinOut Movie Nights into our first city outside of Bangalore and there is a kaleidoscope of butterflies that are making their rounds through all of our stomachs.
So here’s to looking back and looking forward at one of our more fun properties that we’ve worked on. Let’s get right into it, shall we? This is what’s happening – Olacabs & SteppinOut in association with Swiggy, Little & Kingfisher are bringing The SteppinOut Movie Nights to The Taj Krishna in Hyderabad on the 25th of September.
What does this mean?
Everybody likes watching movies, don’t they? We’ve taken that very basic Sunday concept of sitting at home and relaxing in front of the TV to a whole new level. Throw in a nice cool breeze,the night sky, soft grass, excessively comfortable seating and the ability to watch a movie that you have chosen along with friends and family on a MASSIVE Screen. That is the essence of what The SteppinOut Movie Nights is. It is the ideal Sunday out, a perfect way to end the weekend watching something that appeals to you, that frightens you, that makes you laugh or tug at your heartstrings.
We at SteppinOut have already pulled off three sold out shows where movies such as The Lion King, The Shawshank Redemption, Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone have been screened along with generational Bollywood hits such as Dil Chahta Hai & Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. This time around though the city of Hyderabad chose the soon to be Christopher Nolan Classic and the story that gave us an insight into the dark hole that is the mind of the Joker – The Dark Knight!
Why Hyderabad ?
We thought about this one for quite a while before we made our foray outside Bangalore. We feel like Hyderabad and it’s diverse and varied crowd base would be the ideal place to attempt a concept as new as this plus who could say no to the beautiful Taj Krishna. We have also received numerous messages and requests to bring our movie nights to the City of Nizams including one online user mentioning that he is flying his entire family down from Lucknow just for this one day! These are the kinds of reviews and comments that fire up the engine in our hearts and make us want to strive to bring you newer and more unique experiences.
What should you expect?
The answer is simple really – Expect good vibes only.
To elaborate though, we’ve got seating that is a mixture of mattresses, lawn chairs and bean bags to go along with our HUGE screen. Crowd favorite popcorn and nachos are available, yes, but those are just appetizers when it comes to the food on offer. The Taj Krishna is curating a special menu of bite-sized foods at prices that will put even most multiplex theater food courts to shame.
WE WILL SERVE BEER! Yes, you read that absolutely right. We love our beer! The SteppinOut Movie Nights comes with a complete beer bar so that you can spend a Sunday evening doing everything you love at one epic venue.
We will also be hosting a trivia session with giveaways that include MORE BEER!
We’ve heard that it’s been raining in Hyderabad over the last week – So please bring your own blankets because it’s bound to get a little chilly and breezy over the course of the evening.
A lot of you are worried about the torrential rains and with good reason. Not to fear though – We’ve got the entire area covered so that the rain adds nothing but ambiance to your movie watching experience!
Where can I get tickets?
Tickets are available on three platforms – Little (App & Web), BookMyShow & Insider.
You can get your tickets here –
Be nice Hyderabad, come and hang with us on the 25th and we promise not to let you down. We hope to be present in the city once each month bringing you everything from animated movies, to action thrillers to horror marathons (We’ve also planned a FRIENDS marathon sometime in the near future :D)
Yes we are repeating ourselves – The SteppinOut Movie Nights is on the 25th of September at The Taj Krishna Hyderabad. See ya’ll there!

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