RO & Nucleya Present Sub Cinema

Nucleya Blr

#Bangalore – Our wait is nearly over! Rices Obliquity is turning 6 this year and to celebrate we’re turning it WAAY up with the King of Bass Music himself – Nucleya!

RO & Nucleya present Sub Cinema – a unique audio visual extravaganza that includes perfectly synced mashups of videos playing as the backdrop to some heavy bass music!

Nucleya: The stage name of Udyan Sagar, is in the news for all the right reasons.

He is arguably India’s best bass music producer. Single-handedly responsible for defining a sound and building a lexicon of bass music unique to India, Nucleya aka Udyan Sagar is undoubtedly the country’s most popular and influential independent artist.

Since the release of his EP Koocha Monster – Nucleya has made his mark as an Indian dance music producer, producing anthems that are the soundtrack of a new Indian generation – frenetic, loud and unabashedly Indian. The Nucleya sound is now a genre in itself and has spawned the rise of producers making desi bass.

We’ve got three very simple reasons for being out of our mind excited for this one!


  1. His gigs often and always look a little like this :

Nucleya - Post


2) He dropped his album at a Ganpati Visarjan and got the entire city to party with him! We aren’t lying – an Actual Ganpati Visarjan! Here’s proof:



3) He’s played concerts all around the world so we know that he knows how to put on a show!




Tickets start at Rs.750! Get yours here –

Venue – Virginia Malls – Whitefield




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