Life Hacks For A Cleaner, Safer Holi


One of the happiest festivals of the year, Holi, is just around the corner and we’re super excited! While we’re gearing up to splash colors on each other, we often miss out on the other more important aspects like precautions to protect our skin and hair. Of course, using organic colours is winning half the battle, but there are a few more addtional steps we always forget to take to ensure further protection from any kind of harm.

Here are some hacks to help you celebrate the festival of colors worry-free!

  1. Face and body:
    Apply a generous amount of olive oil all over the body including hair with special attention to the face before stepping out to play. Cover the tiniest gaps and parts of the body like the space between your fingers and toes, the nape and so on. This will also ease the process of getting the color off after playing.


  1. Clothe yourself well:
    Wear comfortable cotton clothing, preferably full sleeves and full length bottoms to ensure minimal exposure of the skin. You could put on some of your old clothes unless you’re okay with looking like an exotic bird the next time you wear these clothes.
    200w_d (2).gif


  1. Water-proof Sunscreen: Very important.
    200w_d (3)


  1. Nails: Ladies, to avoid the post-Holi zombie nails, wear a dark coloured nail enamel. Men could wear the transparent enamel if y’all don’t mind some gloss which will inevitably be covered with colour in no time. Applying petroleum jelly to the cuticles and inside the gap between the nail and skin is highly advisable.
    200w_d (4).gif


  1. Avoid Contact Lenses : Yeah, do that unless you want to look like this for days after Holi.
    200w_d (5)


  1. Getting the Colours Off: If you wore oil before playing, this process will be a skate. A generous rub of oil works wonders in getting the colours off.
    200w_d (6)



Come over this Friday for Holi 2018 at The Taj West End for the craziest but safest Holi bash with organic colours! Limited passes remaining, book yours now:


If you’ve got more tips to help folks protect their skin and hair during Holi, do share them in your comments. Stay safe, take care of yourself and let’s enjoy Holi to the fullest!


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